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“Expressing experiences and interactions that I took for granted before the pandemic has reinforced the importance of inclusiveness, communication, sharing inspiration, and finding new joy.”

In addition to commissioned individual pieces, I work with art directors and interior designers to co-create the experience for commercial and residential projects. I love the process of seeing the raw space and collaborating on the type of art which will achieve the desired result. The unique challenge if each project is exciting and once the parameters of color palette, style, and size are established, my process begins-with studies through the finished pieces to create a unique and intriguing space. I am most proud of my ability to convey an idea and work together to turn conceptual into the physical. Most recently, I completed a project for the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Cotai Macau.

Through the process mentioned above, I created nine large-scale paintings and was able to travel to China to see them once they were installed. This gave me tremendous personal satisfaction to see them as I envisioned from the initial commission. Although the scale of that project was bigger, I feel the same excitement in completing a project for a residential client who wants something special for their home.